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To fellow shippers,

Sorry for not being active on Lj. I've taken a liking to massive drawing these days so you can find me more often on my DA account ^^;; Link

So this post is for kat_himesama  and masaki-jamie for their respective birthdays. Happy Birthday!

Happy Belated B-day, Mona-san!

Finally found the time to come on Lf (for 5 mins)... I have a year-long project to hand in in three weeks so I'm basically dead until then. Yeah.

Sorry for not posting this earlier... it was on DA though ^^;;

Happy B-day dearest Mona-san (paranoid_fridge )!!

Collecting Half a Thousand TezuFuji Shots

Just as the title says, after 6 months and a few days of collecting, I am finally done with my ultimate "TezukaFuji stand together" shots. Such shots include Tezuka and Fuji standing together in the same frame, being manga or anime, because I was bored, and because I am such an obsessed TezuFuji fan and we aren't getting enough fangirl material nowadays.

So without further ado, I give you, below, EDIT: 581 TezuFuji stand together shots. (I just hope I missed none...)

Title: 443 Tezuka & Fuji Stand Together Anime Shots
Features: 443 timesTezuka and Fuji standing next to each other in the same frame in the anime
Collected by: chibikaoruchan 
Disclaimer: The images are not mine. Taken from the Prince of Tennis anime that can be watched online.
Warning: Er... massive Tezuka and Fuji load ahead...?
Download: Here The password is TezukaFuji (because I don't have the patience to upload 443 images on Lj... but if someone is patient enough, please do go ahead and post them.)

Wait, wait, there's more!!

Title: 135 Tezuka & Fuji Stand Together Manga Shots
Features: 135 timesTezuka and Fuji standing next to each other in the same frame in the manga
Collected by: chibikaoruchan 
Disclaimer: The images are not mine. Taken from the Prince of Tennis manga that can be found online.
Warning: Er... some shots are really hard to see?
Download: Here The password is again TezukaFuji (because again, I don't have the patience to upload 443 images on Lj)

There. My deed as a TezuFuji fangirl is done. Have a great day, all~
I just noticed this, but, this is my 99th post. HURRAH TEZUFUJI <3

Edit: For those whom have downloaded the stand togethers, I found out I missed a few shots, so make that in total 581 TezuFuji stand together shots:


No, like, seriously.

This is what I do when I don't want to sleep at midnight.. From Pair Puri DVD 2.

Now I'm off to work.


And this is what I do in my new sketchbook when I don't have school.  EDIT: This is the full version
I call it "Echizen in Wonderland" XD

(For full resolution of the original drawing, click here)

Selling Prince of Tennis Doujinshi

Hello there! I have a bunch of Prince of Tennis doujinshi to sell. All of them are in good condition, and they desperately need someone who will take care of them. They are mostly Satoumizu doujinshi, with a few TezukaxFuji ones.

Tezuka x Fuji [x2]Collapse )
Satoumizu [x7]Collapse )
Cookie Hanasaki Hime Novel Complete (TezukaxFuji, OishixKikumaru) [x4]Collapse )

I ship from Canada, to anywhere in the world. I only take Paypal payments, and the doujinshi will be shipped in a bubble-wrap envelop or a box, depending on how much doujinshi one buys at a time. Thank you very much for looking!

Happy Belated Birthday, Mona-san!

Gomen, I never got to do this... As you can see, I've drifted away a little from the fandom, and I already have upcoming exams taking my time... I'm glad I got to do this today... ^^;; I just hope the art isn't Junjou Egoist-stained. D:

Anyhow, happy belated birthday, Mona-san! (paranoid_fridge )
I have your present right here~ Hope you'll like it!
(Btw, when will you update your fic? I can't wait for the next chapter!)

Click here~Collapse )


To all my friends and family, I wish you a happy new year 2010! May all your wishes come true. May this new year bring you fortune, joy, love and most importantly, health. *Bows*

And may our OTP marry this year~

It must be good luck. It's 12:00 sharp!

I still fail at doing Background... And I finished this 2 minutes before New Year and I killed myself posting it in a record time of 30 seconds. X.x

For better quality (not that it's going to look better with high quality or anything) do visit my Deviant art here.
I couldn't stop myself from doing this because Konomi-sensei fails to bring us fangirling material. Sorry Tezuka.